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Can Logos Be Altered?

Logos are quite an important part of a business. This holds true regardless of what your niche is. After all, your customers recognize your products based on the logo. The symbol is a representation of your brand. It is one of the many elements that ensure consistency in your campaigns.

There are various ways to create a logo. You can take help from a professional designer or try using a logo maker generator. If you don’t want to spend big bucks on logo designing, you can use a free logo maker software for the task. While a free online logo maker and download is not the best option, it is a viable option. The problem with free logo design templates and free logo download is that there is a chance that somewhere out there, someone else has the same logo as you.

But, the good news is, you can always alter your logo once you have made it big. You read it right. Contrary to popular misconception, a logo can be altered.

Timeless logos: Not a requirement?

There are a few rules that marketers have come up with about logo designing. For instance, your logo must be simple, easy to remember, not have too many colors, and be scalable. The logic behind scalability is that your logo should be able to encompass the vision of your company in the future as well. Many people think that because of this a logo needs to be timeless.

There is no such requirement. Actually, most big companies don’t use the same logo they did a decade ago. You just didn’t realize it.

The Power of JND

Xerox. Pepsi. Coca-Cola. Calvin Klein. Look up the initial logos of these companies. You would be shocked to see how starkly different they are to their current logo. But, wait! How did these companies get away with changing their logo to such an extent without being unrecognizable among customers?

This is the power of Just Noticeable Difference or JND. There is a threshold for humans below which changes are not really registered. Each of the companies who changed their logo over the years operated below JND. They tweaked it bit by bit to make sure they don’t lose recognition. By doing so, they were able to change their logo a lot overall.

Final Verdict

Just because you start off with a subpar logo doesn’t mean you always have to stick with it.

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